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About LendHero.

Firstly, we thank you for taking the time out your precious day and using it towards visiting our website and especially towards reading our company background!

              “LendHero” or “lendhe.ro” is a privately owned brand that simplifies the process of acquiring loans for startups and small businesses. We categorize as a team of advisors that are similar to “Loan Officers” or “Loan Brokers” but continuously diverse. By this we mean: we consult with our network of affiliates in the small business/startup sector of loan provision and get you in touch with them! Now a question that could come up is: why wouldn’t we go directly to them? And the answer is quite frank. You can’t. The network we partner with aggregate with hundreds of loan banks nationwide to acquire funds for businesses. We present our small businesses/startups that then need loans to our partners, whom contact the right loan bank to make it happen. In the end: you get your loan, we get a commission, and loan banks get a new loanee. This process may seem long and tiring but that’s the thing: it’s not! We simplify it so much that all you do is enter quick information into our system which takes at tops 5 minutes, from there you wait up to 2 business days to receive a call from our team at LendHero then 5 business days following that, you’ll get a call directly from the partner we connected you with. From there: you are in good hands! It’s our promise. They will work with you to work out your goals, the capital you were hoping for, and be by your side until it’s in your hands.

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